Step Four: Broaden Your Goal Setting Strategy

Posted by Beetle B. on Sat 18 March 2017

Goal setting should be done be a team! Don’t insist on setting all your goals yourself. Let the team help you.

His opinion: Goals may be important, but more important is developing a process that gets you there.

Performance vs Learning Goals: Performance goals are usually the end result (make X money this year, lose Y kg). Learning goals emphasize new skills and knowledge.

Convert performance goals into learning goals: “I want to be brawny” becomes “I want to learn the most efficient exercises to build my body”.

Failure in learning goals vs performance goals is quite different.

If you’re an employer, reward people for both performance and learning goals.

If you feel your current job is misaligned with your long term professional goals, reframe the thought! Find ways to link the two! Find ways to make current work goals serve the long term ones.

Communicate your goals with your support partners. They may spot flaws, or they may even help.

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