4th Mindset: Accountability

Posted by Beetle B. on Sat 18 March 2017

Accountability is the 4th mindset. We all make efforts to change (e.g. corporate workshops, trainings, etc), but most efforts don’t have lasting change without accountability.

Apparently, knowing you will be accountable to someone actually leads you to set higher goals (counter-intuitive).

It is easy to find friends who will kick your butt if you go off track.

Practice: Pick one short term plan/goal you have this month that you need to work on a few times this month to get done. Ask someone to hold you to it. You may need to remind them that you are serious and this isn’t just a cool idea. Make it pleasant for them. Express gratitude.

That person does not need to be a partner in your endeavors! He does not need to know the intricacies of the business.

In an organization, can have teams accountable to others.

For long term goals, picking the right person is important.

Strategy example: Exercise buddies take the other person’s bag home. This way they are committed to show up the next time otherwise the buddy will have no way to exercise.

Buddy vs accountability buddy: Friends and family can be too close to you. They can be either too light, or too harsh. Lots of baggage. This is not a hard rule - just one to be kept in mind. Best not to start with one of them.

No harm in paying someone to hold you accountable.

He recommends Stickk. But says personal accountability is better.

It may be beneficial to formalize the accountability.

The “coaches” need to feel obligated! One way to achieve that is to make it a 2-way street (if they are willing).

Writing down commitments is one way to formalize. Regularly scheduled meetings is another way.

What should the consequences of failure be? You need to decide what severity works for you.

Not letting peers down tends to work better than scolding, shaming or financial rewards.

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