1st Mindset: Generosity

Posted by Beetle B. on Sat 18 March 2017

What do I have to offer others?

There are two types of generosity currency: Universal and personal.

Universal currency is very “general”: Meet for coffee, provide encouragement, etc.

Personal currency is what you can personally provide. Don’t look inwardly for this. Instead, ask what others need and then see how you can help them get there. But you need to get people to open up enough to tell you their dreams.

Be very open to receiving help (i.e. other’s generosity).

Do you help people you care about when they ask for it? Do you get annoyed? Generally not. So don’t expect others to get annoyed either.

One successful person had a “personal university”. Any time he read a book or article he liked, he would contact the author and invite him/her for dinner. Then whenever he was in a situation to use his/her expertise, he asked for help.

If embarking on a new endeavor, make a list of all your deficiencies (e.g. legal help) and find people who can fill these gaps. But show passion!

  • Have a vision people can get behind.
  • Have a good 30s or 5 minute spiel to sell.
  • Do your homework! Don’t ask for help without doing your homework.

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