2nd Mindset: Vulnerability

Posted by Beetle B. on Sat 18 March 2017

When introducing yourself, don’t just list accomplishments. Tell a story about your dreams, how you’re getting there, and what challenges you overcame.

Don’t hide your vulnerabilities. It takes a lot of courage.

Practice first with a friend and a small vulnerability. Observe their response.

Trust is the most important element of a relationship. You will not get it unless you open up. And trust always has to be earned.

Eight Steps To Instant Intimacy

  1. Be authentic. Don’t behave like someone else.

  2. Suspend judgments about people. Everyone prejudges to an extent.

    Next time when in a group setting, try to get to know someone - especially someone who looks aloof. Talk, and not just small talk. Open up to them and get them to open up to you. Also, be wary of professional biases (e.g. sales people’s views about marketing folks).

  3. Be positive and proactive. When in a new environment (giving a talk or a new workplace), put every ounce of your being into realizing each “tough” person has a soft heart and is winnable.

  4. Share your passions. Have a story about them.

  5. Talk about your goals and dreams.

  6. Revisit your past. Be willing to share the toughest struggles of your life thus far.

  7. Talk about what is keeping you up at night (including in your personal life). Don’t do this with someone you’ve just met!

  8. Future Fears: Talk about your fears for the future (e.g. failures in achieving your goals).

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