Step Nine: Fake It Till You Make It

Posted by Beetle B. on Sat 18 March 2017

Making a commitment is like making a resolution. If you don’t stick to it, it’s useless.

Don’t fear the mistakes you’ll make along the way.

You can do it as a group.

As you progress, you may find some of your advisors no longer are good at advising you. You’ve outgrown them! Replace them on good terms.

Advisors may drop out. Life happens. Expect and accept this.

Sometimes your teammates become close friends. They may then be less likely to give difficult feedback. Look out for their collective nods without criticism.

Watch our for problems in the Four Mindsets (e.g. loss of candor/generosity). Solve them! Rebuild them! The book has ideas.

Collaborate, don’t compromise.

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